What They're Saying
"Kathy at point of hue did a marvelous job designing the interior of my renovated home. She picked a color scheme that makes me smile and seems to facilitate happy gatherings in the space.

She also did a new paint treatment on the fireplace surround that turned an ugly 1930's fireplace into an elegant focal point for the living room at a tiny cost. The space is small and open and she was able to find a furniture arrangement that works so well in flow of people and activity with small and larger groups, that it seems the space morphs to the need. And it is easy on the eye and inviting.

Everyone who visits oohs and ahs and then asks for Kathy's name and number. Kathy used my favorite things so that anywhere my eye alights, I see a cherished object, yet the space seems clean and uncluttered, which it never does when I do the arranging. Her ideas for adding one or two specially chosen new pieces dramatically changed the look and feel of the rooms.

Kathy has a good eye for detail and kept the painters and workmen on the straight and narrow. I would recommend Kathy and A Point of Hue highly and will continue to use her." - Suzanne, Washington DC

Kathy Connelly has been helping my home look great for almost twenty years. She began by helping with color ideas for walls, cupboards, other woodwork and radiators in different rooms of my house. She has also suggested just the right small touches of glass, porcelain, and pottery in colors that fit beautifully.

The first colors that she found for me were a beautiful warm gold accented with cornflower blue woodwork for one room, paired with a complementary deeper yellow for an adjacent room. Over the years she has helped me find paler and more subtle colors for other rooms as more furnishings and carpets added color and design elements of their own to each room. This year she found a miraculous blue to go with a floor of hand-painted pale blue tile that changes color and shade in different lights.

While I have studied fine art and design for decades, there are times when I am stumped by color and design and then I turn to Kathy. Kathy has a knack for visualizing space, color and shapes, that has helped make my home a comfortable and welcoming space that grows richer with every year that passes. - K.S., Chevy Chase, MD

"We can't thank you enough for giving us what feels like a brand new family room. We are really enjoying the view out the windows that we could not appreciate with the old furniture arrangement.

I never would have thought to bring in some of the furniture and accessories that you assembled from other rooms but it all looks beautiful together due to your eye for color and texture. Plus, the mantle is truly a focal point of the room now as a result of the artwork and accessories you put together.

The transformation is amazing and we will enjoy it for years to come" - Susan and Greg, Potomac, MD

"I could never put my finger on what was wrong with my room but you did -- in one afternoon. You showed me that less really is more by taking things out of the room which not only made it look better, it felt better too.

I always thought a decorator would (1) cost too much or (2) that they would come up with a design that was nice, but not feel like me. But I loved what you did with the things I had - and I didn't have to buy anything (although your suggestions about how to take it to the next level were great and on my to do list).

So you put an end to my belief that it would cost me too much to hire a decorator. I think you actually saved me a lot of money by making me appreciate what I had when it was arranged in just the right way. I love it. Everyday I come home and look at my "new" room and smile. It's not the same old place I've lived in for years, it's new and fresh. It's a nice way to begin the next phase of my life."

With my sincere appreciation, - Sharon, Arlington, VA

"I was blown away by the new look of my living room after a few hours with Kathy. I was stuck with a room where I really liked my furnishings, but I was didn't know what to do with a sectional sofa and an arrangement that I thought was the only possibility for the room.

I couldn't believe how good the room looked after they were done and the how the perfect design solution made all the difference. Everyone who came to look loved the room and said that it was more inviting and that it is a room they would love to spend time in. Even my husband said it was a huge improvement." - Jill, Bethesda, MD